Dr Oz Tens Units For Pain

Tens machines were featured by Dr. Oz as alternatives to taking pain killers.

You can use these in your home to help you mange your pain without taking drugs or prescription.

Send electrical stimulation to muscle or area causing you pain.

Clear off any lotion and apply electrodes to the area symmetrically.

Set the intensity – start low.

Do not use on your neck, face, jaw or head.

Can  use for pains below the neck, lower extremities, back, knees, arms, legs

Great Deal:

You can use over and over again but you will eventually have to replace the pads.

Similarly to the effect you have when you rub your elbow after you bang it – you are intercepting the brain signals from the brain, with the Tens machine stimulates the other nerves to overwhelm the brain and the sensation of pain.

Can use 2 to 5 times a day but don’t go over 30 minutes.

Pregnant women, those with serious heart conditions and those with pacemakers should not use it.

There are a broad selection of Tens Devices to choose from:

This has great reviews:

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